Calvary Spine, LLC


To provide state of the art interbody fusion devices, made from PEEK-Optima, to distributors and hospitals worldwide at the best prices available.

Calvary Spine designs, manufactures, and distributes FDA cleared interbody fusion devices manufactured from PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer, a high-performance material with excellent biocompatibility, strength, and dimensional stability.

Are you taking steps to control material costs?
Calvary Spine offers solutions!
The profitability of spine surgery for hospitals depends upon reimbursement rates, the cost of implanted materials, and OR costs of patient care. The profitability of spine surgery depends on controlling theses costs, which can vary greatly. One study found a three fold variation in the costs of implanted material used by physicians performing spinal fusion "for essentially the same materials, used for the same operation."
Lifton, James, Faces of Spine Care.
The Spine Journal 8 (2008) 1042-1047