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Calvary Spine is seeking hospital suppliers, distributors, and sales reps to facilitate distribution of our products.
The number of spinal fusion procedures is increasing with our aging demographics. Meanwhile the cost of surgical materials continues to rise while hospital reimbursement rates are not keeping pace. Hospitals are looking for ways to save and Calvary Spine offers a SOLUTION to help LOWER COSTS.
Calvary's PEEK-OPTIMA interbody fusion devices are used in the treatment of degenerative disc disease to assist spinal fusion and to restore disc height. Calvary's interbody spacers provide: Advanced Design Features, Proven Biocompatibility and Safety, Unbeatable Savings and Guaranteed Pricing, No Risk and Exceptional Service.
Products: Crescent and bullet-nose lumbar TLIF/PLIF spacers and the Calvary Cervical spacer in a range of sizes, with associated ergonomically designed instruments.
We also offer discounted pedicle screws, rods, hooks, and cross-connectors through partners.
Unbeatable Savings and Guaranteed Pricing: At 30-50% below typical market pricing, Calvary offers the best value interbody fusion device available. Pricing is guaranteed annually.
Contact Calvary Spine (see Contact Us page) for more information about sales and distribution partnership opportunities.
Current Partners

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